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Subtitling, Captioning & Integrated Playout all on one stand at NAB 2019.

Visit Screen and Broadstream for the first time as a combined supplier of world-class subtitling, captioning and Integrated Playout solutions at NAB all on one stand – SU3602.

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Pixel Power and Screen Alliance in Channel-in-a-Box Subtitling Integration

Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast playout solutions with integrated graphics, has today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with world-leading subtitle technology specialists Screen Systems. This will bring ultimate quality subtitles to viewers’ screens via Pixel Power’s fully integrated playout technology ChannelMaster™, removing an external device and further simplifying the chain. 

Subtitles are a vital part of the television experience for a significant percentage of the viewing public and integrated playout technology must maintain that quality of experience. James Gilbert, Joint MD, Pixel Power, says, “Subtitling has always required real technological skill to achieve great onscreen results and by working with market-leading Screen Systems we will be able to provide a fully integrated channel-in-a-box solution that achieves this quality. As an industry we mustn’t let subtitles slide into a poor viewer experience while we search for greater economic efficiencies.” 

The two companies already have a strong relationship having worked together to enable Screen’s subtitling systems to be easily connected to Pixel Power’s combined master control switcher and branding technology BrandMaster. However, the ChannelMaster integration will take this further with Screen’s technology contained within the ChannelMaster hardware to provide a truly integrated solution – adhering to Pixel Power’s genuine channel-in-a-box strategy. It will remain a Screen-branded option within the technology. 

John Birch, Strategic Partnership Manager with Screen Systems, said, “Our intention is to support the full range of subtitling options – including DVB – with Pixel Power and we are now working towards this goal. As a company, we recognised a long time ago, that partnerships are vital to our industry to best serve the broadcaster but we echo what James has said: onscreen quality must be paramount. Channel-in-a box is a rationalisation of technologies that makes complete sense especially given market conditions and we are very pleased to be active as the market matures.” 

James Gilbert, Joint MD, Pixel Power, says, “We’re delighted to be working with Screen Systems again. Many of our customers already deploy technologies from either company and therefore for many this development means that they will again be working with known and trusted partners. Anyone deploying ChannelMaster will benefit from a truly integrated playout solution without compromising on quality from market-leading manufacturers.” 

ChannelMaster is a family of highly integrated, sophisticated and scalable channel playout systems that provide a cost-effective and highly reliable approach to deploying new channels, without compromise. The technology provides an out-of-the-box solution to bringing new channels to air quickly and cost-effectively.

The Province of Specialists – TVBEurope’s CiaB debate

John Birch, Screen’s Strategic Partnerships Manager expresses the company’s concerns over the potential shortfall in specialist expertise in the CiaB market.

There are many ‘Channel in a Box’ products on offer in the broadcast equipment marketplace and this is a highly contested market segment, aiming to offer cost effective playout of TV channels. But do the products currently on offer provide all the features necessary for an effective channel broadcast, or are there functions and features that are still the preserve of specialist manufacturers. Is it possible to be a ‘Master of All’?

Read the full article and others in TVBEurope online – Page 32

New Web Subtitling Whitepaper from Screen

Ever more content is being delivered over IP connections and viewed on non-broadcast devices such as computers, tablets and mobiles. This brings a challenge to provide the same viewer experience as in a conventional broadcast situation.

Although most of these alternative devices can produce HD video and good quality audio to similar standards as a TV set, the same cannot be said of the subtitles.

In a conventional broadcast environment all video, audio and ancillary data services including subtitles or captions are delivered as part of a data stream using one of the major standards (DVB, ATSC or ISDB). The same systems are used for VOD and Catch-up TV where delivery is to an IP based Set Top Box and a conventional display device.

However in the new display devices the decoding and display is performed by a range of browsers or media players and there is far less standardisation.

For video and audio a wide range of codecs are available and can often be loaded or updated as required. For subtitles and captions there are a range of standards including SMIL, SRT, SAMI, TTML and DXFP but all of these are code based and the quality of implementation varies between media players and delivery formats, especially in a streaming, as opposed to file download, environment…….

For the entire document download the full 8 page whitepaper here.


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