Spoken Subtitles and Audio description are techniques for providing additional audible information as part of video multimedia. Audio Description (AD) is a mandated service in many countries that describes the action on screen for those unable to see the screen clearly.
Spoken Subtitles.

Spoken subtitles are a way of providing an audible alternative to translation subtitles for foreign language content. A common application is where news programming is in the viewer’s native language but some clips are in other languages and translation subtitles are provided. If the viewer can’t see the subtitles then a spoken version can be provided known as Spoken Subtitles.

Both AD and Spoken Subtitles can be delivered in two ways; Subscriber Mix or Pre Mix.

Subscriber mix is delivered as a mono audio signal and a control track that determines pan and fade information. The user can then adjust the level of both the program and additional audios separately and set the level of fade in the program audio when the additional audio is playing. Pre Mixed audio creates a separate stereo audio track containing both the program and the additional audio already mixed together.

For both applications the process of recording, mixing and delivering a separate audio track is not economic. By providing a text based solution that can easily run in parallel with existing subtitling workflows the cost can be reduced and the accessibility requirements met.

Screen’s solution can be implemented either as a real-time system in parallel with other broadcast services using the Spoken Subtitles Module in a Polistream Transmission system or as a file based solution for VOD and on line content using the same technology in the MediaMate file processing system.

Spoken Subtitles