Xpect is a full-featured, turnkey, transport stream multiviewer solution supporting ASI and IP inputs with 24/7 error logging and pre and post trigger stream capture.

In addition to full Transport Stream multiviewer monitoring and audio/video decoding, Polistream Xpect supports subtitle display, freeze frame and black detection, audio silence alarms and EBU R128 indicators. A built in web interface allows remote users to view overall status indication, and to display live video and audio for each monitored channel, and remote configuration and access to the event log.

Polistream Xpect can simultaneously monitor multiple MPTS or SPTS DVB or ATSC Transport Streams and apply template matching to check the properties of services, service components and tables. Also included is detection of frozen video, black frames and audio silence. Upon the detection of a fault, the monitored Transport Streams can be captured to a file with pre- and post-trigger buffers.

The transport stream monitoring functionality complies with the full TR 101 290 conformance testing standard and includes all the Priority 1, 2 & 3 faults, PCR accuracy, drift rate, overall jitter and frequency offset measurements and calculation of DVB-MG Bitrates. Statistical information for these measurements is maintained including minimum/maximum/average bitrates, PCR statistics and Delay Factors and Packet Loss.

Detected faults can optionally generate a UDP notification and Polistream Xpect includes SOAP and SNMP interfaces for remote control and automated access to captured TS files, statistics and the error-event database, allowing easy integration with 3rd-party Network Monitoring Systems. Additionally any monitored Transport Stream may be forwarded over IP to other analysis systems.