The Polistream MSX monitoring system is an extremely powerful tool providing end to end monitoring of subtitles and data streams from any location with access to a local or wide area network or ISDN phone line.

MSX is a technological breakthrough allowing Polistream and conventional subtitle transmission product users to probe deeper into their system than ever before. It is easy to use and will greatly speed up both the identification and correction of issues in the transmission pipeline.

MSX not only detects and signals imperfections in the stream, it will also analyse the subtitles. Broadcasters, channel managers and content providers within the organisation can view the subtitles as they are sent to ensure service quality.

MSX can be used to monitor subtitle transmission from end to end. It can monitor and display data in many formats. This allows the user to see subtitles as they would appear to the viewer. The system is ideal for confidence monitoring or fault location.

MSX can display many channels with multiple languages on one computer display and it saves considerably in space and cost over multiple monitors and decoders.

Custom views can also be created depending on individual system requirements via the powerful system editor.

Remote version with support for multi-user remote workstations and dedicated ASI & SDI signal inputs.

Now supports the monitoring of HD DVB subtitles to the ETS300 743 V1.3.1 standard

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