The process of checking and quality assuring program content is a common requirement in many broadcast environments. When the program includes multiple subtitle languages this process is more complex and time consuming. The MSX Review Server provides a simple and cost effective solution. The MSX Review Sever provides all the software and services required to support one or two Review Workstations and simulates the subtitle broadcast chain. Each workstation can display multiple subtitle languages in a mix of formats and so provides a true representation of the final broadcast signal.

A video support provides a synchronized video background to the subtitles. Video and audio can be sourced either from a video signal (SD or HD) from a server or VTR or as a video file in most formats (Windows codec required).

Several subtitle layouts can be supported providing single and multiple language views.

The subtitle display will track video transport changes (fast forwards etc.) and always display the correct subtitles when the video is played at normal speed.

The MSX Review server is available in Single and Dual workstation versions and the workstation client software is included. Workstation and hardware and video input cards are not included.

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