Screen has proven expertise to help you master the challenges of live subtitling. As well as the equipment and software, we also provide advice on the best approach in the context of the programme and training to get you started quickly.

Live subtitling in the original programme language:

    • enables access for deaf/hard-of-hearing viewers,
    • assists others who struggle to understand the spoken dialogue, and/or
    • allows programme enjoyment in public spaces where the sound is turned off (airports, cafés etc)

The key to a successful implementation of such live/news subtitling is to make best use of the available text (e.g. newsroom scripts, repeat content, pre-transcribed video clips) and then to make best efforts to cover only the remaining (live) content using real-time, fast audio-typing skills or speech recognition (with a respeaker).

Screen’s WINCAPS Q-LIVE software supports subtitling for all live and fast-turnaround programmes, blending together live and offline subtitling techniques in a single package. So, whilst it is possible to subtitle a whole programme “as live” (transcribing the audio as quickly and as accurately as possible), you can also improve text and timing accuracy by using available scripts and quickly transcribing video packages in advance.

WinCAPS Q-Live Brochure

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