MediaMate is a flexible software system to encode, repurpose and/or decode subtitles and captions in a wide range of file-based workflows.

It suits applications for TV broadcasters and playout centres, media service facilities and operators of VOD, mobile, IPTV and web-video services – anywhere that media files need to be created or converted quickly, simply and automatically.

Simplify subtitling processes in file-based workflows

  • encoding subtitles/captions into media files
  • extracting subtitle/caption data
  • re-purposing subtitle/caption files
  • audio description and spoken subtitles NEW

Automatic set-and-forget processing

  • control via command line interface, watch folder operation or REST API,
  • simple configuration of workflows via graphical user interface or XMLTelestream Dalet-2
  • run multiple workflows concurrently and/or sequentially

Easy expansion and upgrade

Plug-In option for integration with Telestream Vantage & Dalet’s Amberfin platform

Audio description and spoken subtitles NEW

  • use text-to-speech to convert subtitle files into audio
  • produce mixed AD track from separate programme and AD audio

Download and View Sample Streams & Videos

MediaMate Brochure

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