If you’re looking for an automatic subtitling and captioning application for your social media videos then you’ve found it!

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Unlike TV, a much larger proportion of online video is viewed with captions. The use of captions is not just restricted to hearing impaired viewers and of course there are an increasing number of regulations requiring captions for online video. Recent studies suggest that over 80% of online video is viewed with captions switched on and that adding high quality captions to your online video will also increase your SEO, making your videos easier to find in search results.

Create a project, select the language of the speakers and upload an MP4 clip.

Sasquatch works best for short videos up to 5 minutes in length that are recommended for social media viewing.

The audio from the video file is extracted and processed and any speech found is converted automatically into a sequence of captions using the timing of the speakers in the video.

When processing completes, the generated captions are displayed over the video for review and adjustment.

Speech recognition is never 100% perfect, but Sasquatch makes it easy to correct any errors and to add captions where the recognition process was unable to find any speech.

The sasquatch system also prompts the user to create new captions to identify sound effects or music for example.

Once you are happy with your captions they can be downloaded in a number of different formats for use with a variety of online video providers.

We plan to support professional caption formats so your captions can be used in other ways, e.g. translation.

We also plan to add the ability to download video files with the captions burnt-in for those platforms that do not support separate caption files.