Most standard web-video players use a simple timed-text file for OTT subtitling (e.g. SRT for YouTube, DFXP for Flash and QuickTime and SMIL for Windows Media Player), all of which are easily created in our WinCAPS and/or MediaMate products.

However these solutions Subtitling Web Video rely on this timed-text file being interpreted by the video player and the appearance of the subtitles can therefore differ between players and between devices – with positioning being particularly inconsistent. (Early implementations did not even overlay the subtitles within the video picture area, instead positioning text within a black box beneath the main video.) This means that the subtitle-author cannot be sure as to how the subtitles will appear in font, style or position. Therefore for accurate and consistent presentation these uncertainties need to be overcome.

Screen’s subtitle overlay layer solution for web video involves not only the engine to create the subtitles but also a means to display them in the player.

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