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Getting Started with Wincaps

The ‘Getting Started’ guide for Wincaps is part of the Help Topics file, under the Help menu. From within the ‘Getting Started’ section there are links to various other useful pages of the Help, you should be able to find the answers you require there.

There is also a walk through video available on our YouTube channel HERE.

Error 0A

This would suggest the licence file has not installed during the installation process. Your licence can be entered manually using the EActivator from the Start menu.

Please follow the instructions in the ‘Install Wincaps Licence’ document AVAILABLE HERE.

There is also a video walk through video available on our YouTube channel HERE.

Error 1

Your licence has most likely expired, please use the EActivator in the Start menu to Activate the new licence received in your Avangate email.

Please follow the instructions in the ‘Install Wincaps Licence’ document AVAILABLE HERE.

Cancel Avangate Renewals and Trials

To cancel your subscription please follow the instructions in the email from Avangate that details how to access your account.

Once you access your account on Avangate you will need to go to the page that contains your subscription.

The instructions (and the link) for switching off automatic billing are detailed in the email, see below:

“Simply log into Avangate myAccount, going to the “My Products” area and by clicking “Stop automatic license renewal” beneath each product that has this option enabled.”

How do I access my Avangate Account?

Simply log into your Avangate account using the following link: Avangate myAccount

From here you can access all your information and maintain any subscriptions you have to our products.

How do I cancel my Wincaps subscription?

Simply log into Avangate myAccount, going to the “My Products” area and by clicking “Stop automatic license renewal” beneath each product that has this option enabled.

Can I extend my Wincaps trial?

Sadly we are unable to offer extensions to Wincaps trials.

How Can I Move My Wincaps Licence?

If you need to move your Wincaps Q4 licence to a new PC, or between your PCs, you can do so using the E-Activator application that is installed in the Start menu.

You must first revoke the licence from the PC it is currently installed, this will make the EID available for use once more on your new PC.

If Wincaps is already installed you can use the E-Activator to load the licence. If you are installing Wincaps for the first time you can add the EID when prompted during the installation process.

For details on how to revoke your licence please follow the notes available here: Wincaps Revoke licence key

For details on how to load your licence on a PC with Wincaps already installed please follow the notes available here: Install Wincaps licence key

What versions of Dragon® Naturally Speaking are supported in Wincaps Q4 Pro?

Wincaps Q4 Pro version currently supports Dragon versions, 12, 12.5 and 13.

Does Wincaps Q4 work on Mac?

No, the software will not run natively on a Mac system, and is not supported on Windows Parallels on a Mac.

Video Replay Issues

Most video replay issues are due to the video encoding itself, too high resolution, old codec etc… Wincaps Q4 is designed to work with the native installations of QuickTime (for mov and mp4) and Direct Show (for mpg and wmv) when using the Offline Media video option, and has its own set of files for using MediaLooks MultiFormat.

If you are seeing playback issues, we would recommend trying both options, Offline Media and MediaLooks MultiFormat as you may find that one option plays particular videos better than others.

Cannot open MP4

Since 4.23.7 Wincaps Q4 offers a choice of video playback engines to increase the video support capabilities. These are Offline Media, which uses native QuickTime and Direct Show, and MediaLooks MultiFormat. If an MP4 is not working with Offline Media, make sure that QuickTime is installed.

Failed to attach media

This is usually caused by a high resolution video encoding. Wincaps is designed to work with low resolution video to ensure frame accuracy.

Wincaps Q4 has two options for video replay, Offline Media and MediaLooks. This gives the system better opportunities for handling all video types. We would suggest you try both video options and use whichever handle your video file better. See “Help Topics: Media: Open a media file” for more information.

Export options greyed out

The format you are looking to select is not supported in the Personality of your file, or the Language of your file.

Timecodes not staying in sync

The frame rate selected when you open the video and the BITC need to match, if the wrong frame rate has been selected the video and BITC will drift. If this happens delete the Helper Files from the video folder, and begin the process again using the “Wizard” option. See Help Topics: Media: Open a media file

We also have a walk through video on our YouTube video available HERE.