End of sale statement – Polistream Blue

End of sale statement – Polistream Blue


Screen’s Polistream Blue systems were introduced in 2002 and have been in continual service since.

The units were designed and built to last using industrial-grade hardware and in some instances we are having difficulties with replacement parts and or cards that fit the following:

·         P5000 ·         P4000 ·         T3000
·         G3000 and G3500 ·         A1000 Series ·         A4000 Series
·         G5000 ·         D series ·         R Series


The Blue range was designed to work with each unit having a specific function and these have now been superseded by the Polistream Black range – initially by our generic multi-purpose platform the U4000 units (XP and XPE) and more recently by the U8000 units (Windows 2012).

The Blue product line must now be considered End of Sale and no further quotations or sales will be made from March 1st 2017


Customers with any of the above units will continue to be supported and all Screen PoliWise support contract blue equipment will be honoured.

Limited replacement stock is available and if it is still possible (before the year-end) in some instances to expand an existing Blue system.

Upgrading Options

Screen recommends upgrading all Blue systems to the new U8000 high density hardware together with a full operating system upgrade to Windows 2012.

To achieve this, please contact me directly and I will arrange for a sales or support engineer to analyse your current Blue database and to redesign the system using our latest hardware and software modules.

All like for like software such as language encoders (BLE) and control/configuration software (CMM) will be swapped over to the Black new system at no additional charge.

The same applies to any monitoring options such as MSX.

Please note:

It is NOT possible to mix Polistream Blue and Black systems due to the operating software and any quotations for a system upgrade will be for a full system replacement, including redundancy.

For more information on this end of sale statement, on the U8000 or for a quotation to replace your current system please contact me via email: email Simon Kane


Simon Kane | Sales Director | Screen Subtitling