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Please use this utility to retrieve your PC specific locking code and email it to us along with basic contact information (name & address, telephone and email) and a brief explanation of the purpose of your evaluation and the particular functionality that you are interested in – we can then ensure that you get the right product(s) to try, offer any useful tips and advise about associated options.

Download the WinCAPS Activator utility from the link on the left, check that your PC meets the recommended specification, then run the Activator and follow the instructions to register for a free trial by email. Please allow a few working days for your request to be processed and a personal licence code sent to you by email along with further installation instructions.

Recommended PC Spec for WinCAPS Qu4ntum: Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM (6GB if using speech recognition), discrete NVidia GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card with at least 512MB RAM, USB slot for dongle (not required for demo or network licence versions), Windows 7 or 8, full keyboard with numeric pad (or use with USB numeric pad), Microsoft Office (for spell check and proofing, Office Starter and Office On-Demand not supported).

Live Subtitling (WinCAPS Q-Live)

Proper evaluation of the WinCAPS Q-Live product for live subtitling is a little more involved than its WinCAPS Qu4ntum offline counterpart. Indeed it generally works best with a certain level of experience/training and an understanding of the output. If you are interested in live subtitling then please contact Screen with information on your application and we can offer advice and a suitable evaluation package appropriate to your needs.

Software Evaluation Only

Please note that free trial software is licensed for evaluation purposes only, including limited commercial use, and may not be used for other purposes without specific prior agreement. Trial licences are not issued for academic activities, students should contact their course tutor. Each trial licence is a unique, non-transferable, personal activation code that is valid for only a limited period of time. No dongle is required.