Video Progetti


Via dei Grottoni,
00012 Guidonia Montecelio,

Video Progetti S.r.l. is a leading Italian company working since 20 years in distribution and integration of the professional equipment for Television, Cinema and Telecommunications.

Having offices both in Rome and Milan, Video Progetti keeps constantly in touch with the key players of the field and participates to the development of broadcast industry by offering in Italy the latest production technology.

We present ourselves to the market as valid and reliable partner even for the most ambitious projects, in which fantasy and creativity come along with technological performance and financial achievements.

Video Progetti tries to comprehend and anticipate the new business model, dictated by the convergent market of IT, telecommunications and entertainment market.

Our success is based on the honest evaluation of the cost of every product we sell and on high technical skills in integrating our products into highly efficient product systems and more on our commitment in clients support and post sales technical assistance.

Our desire of continuous development is proved by our resource investments in our offices both in Rome and Milan, by our choice to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 certification, by the frequent training courses programmed for our personnel.

Everybody in the company knows that “the satisfaction of the client” is the only way to measure our work. Our clients are Television Networks, Pay Televisions, Telecommunications Carriers, Post Houses of the caliber of Sky Italia, Sky Sport , RAI, Mediaset, Telecom Italia, Fastweb, Emirates Broadcsting Company, so that the names talk for themselves.

We offer a high quality service helping them to approach the latest technology represented by the best brands of hardware and software for the TV and Cinema industry of our distribution.