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WINCAPS Q4 is a complete subtitling preparation software solution, offering supreme flexibility for the professional subtitler to work efficiently and effectively.

Subtitling software that really does work for you – WINCAPS Q4 offers a new approach to subtitling or captioning with the potential for greatly increased productivity – with an improved user-interface, shared work-group reference resources and enhanced automatic timing rules, plus optional integrated automatic speech-text alignment that’s optimised to support the use of speech recognition too.

State of the Art User Interface

The heart of the WINCAPS Q4 subtitling software client is a stylish and intuitive user interface that neatly collates all the information and reference material needed for the job. Speech detection is now included in the timeline alongside audio level and shot change indication. Style templates can be set up to accommodate different customer needs with comprehensive checks helping to ensure that files are consistent with client specifications.

WINCAPS is a proven product supporting a comprehensive range of subtitling/captioning workflows, media types and file formats, ensuring compatibility with all production and delivery requirements, whether subtitling for translation or for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

    • Open subtitles or closed captions
    • Broadcast TV, DVD & Blu-ray, digital cinema, video-on-demand, web streaming

An overview of some of the functionality of Wincaps Q4

*Broadcast Asia offer only available on the 1 year subscription option and must be redeemed by 30 June 2016

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