Advanced Online Subtitle Creation Tool launches at BVE

The online subtitling tool resulting from the triparty partnership revealed at NAB 2016 between OOONA, Screen and Cavena will be formally launched at BVE it has been announced.

The collaboration of subtitle technologists who have already contributed to the broader OOONA online toolkit agreed to pool resources back in April last year to develop a browser based, advanced subtitle creation and preparation tool.

Online Toolkit’s concept was the brainchild of Wayne Garb, Managing Director of OOONA whose vision was to create an online portal where subtitlers and translators have easy access to a suite of tools with a suitably high level of functionality. The core objective was to create a toolkit to enable professionals to quickly create and prepare subtitle files via internet access and without the need to download software.

To ensure an appealing balance of effective tools and consequently avoid weighing down the application with surplus functionality the project team consulted professional subtitlers and translators at every stage of the development.

The result is a system which is simple to learn how to use with no set up time and offers features that users really require.

The new create tool, as with the entire toolkit, will be an evolving application but some suggested features have been highlighted.

Most notable is the flexibility of the user interface.

Most subtitlers and translators have a preferred way of working regarding where the onscreen elements of their subtitle creation software GUI is concerned. This also often changes depending on the task they’re performing.

Drag-and-drop is at the heart of the GUI enabling the user to place any element of the working screen where they want. They can subsequently save the self-defined work screens as defaults for rapid access.

Multi-skilled professionals are able to save user interfaces according to the task in hand so for instance a profile for carrying out QA functions and another for timing or translation.

Another preference led feature is that of hotkeys. Again, with subtitling software it is a crucial component to speeding up the overall process and making a time crucial job much more efficient.

The new online Subtitling Tool along with the entire subtitling toolkit will be demonstrated at BVE on Screen’s and Cavena’s stands which can be located at N25 and J14 respectively where interested attendees can experience the new tool in its entirety.