TDG7 End Of Life Statement

End of Life statement – TDG7/SDO7 Teletext Inserter Units


SysMedia’s TDG7 & SDO7 Teletext Inserters were introduced in 2005, built to last using industrial grade hardware, however, these units are now increasingly difficult to maintain and repair due to non-availability of spare parts.

The product line must now be considered End of Life.

As we do have very limited stocks available, TDG7 and SDO7 units will not be removed immediately from existing support contracts but will be removed from support at the next annual renewal.

In the interim period, we will offer telephone support and advice on using the product as part of a supported Plasma teletext production system, but we are now unable to provide a guaranteed repair service – we will of course use our best endeavours.

Customers may like to consider replacement of TDG/SDO units with the equivalent latest Polistream U8000 hardware systems, which can be offered at a discounted price for this purpose. Pricing would depend on the particular TDG/SDO configuration so please contact us with details for more information or visit

For more information on this EOL statement, on PLASMA or for a quotation to replace your current TDG7 or SDO7 system please contact Email Simon Kane

Simon Kane

Sales Director – Screen Systems

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