The intelligent mains distribution unit from Cardinal provides 12 separately controlled outputs, SNMP, web based user interface and e-mail messaging, all in 1RU.

Dual Input:

Dual Input enables main and backup power sources to be connected to a single Cardinal unit. Switching to the back up input supply is automatic on power fail of the main source. The changeover system is designed to allow non-phase coherent inputs to be switched.

Automatic Power Shedding:

If a backup power supply is selected, it may be necessary to switch off non-critical equipment by shedding a number of MDU outputs. Power shedding is configured for automatic operation in the MDU configuration page.

High Inrush Current Protection:

Cardinal is designed for use with equipment that has modern switch mode PSU’s that can exhibit high inrush currents and the individually switched outputs are rated to 60A inrush and has an inrush limiting circuit that restricts the current at switch on to 40A.

Sequential Power Off:

All outlets are individually switched enabling the user to control and set sequential switching, to allow an orderly power-down when shedding outputs.

General Purpose Inputs:

Each MDU includes 8 general purpose inputs for connection of alarms from other equipment. These alarms can be reported in the same way as those for the MDU.


Cardinal MDU Datasheet

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