Poliscript 3000 & SV3
Subtitling software

Poliscript 3000 (with SV3 video cache) is a proven subtitle preparation software (Windows PC) for linear (tape) video input or digital media. It can be used for all types of subtitle authoring, QC checking (prior to Polistream transmission), live output of scripted subtitles or video-dubbing processes.

With a WYSIWYG display of subtitles displayed and edited in their true position superimposed against the video image there is never any doubt about what the finished output will look like

Software options include MediaView for tapeless preview/approval copy generation and MediaMate for more complex file-based workflows (e.g. teletext encoding into broadcast quality digital video files). For tape mastering workflows we offer a range of open-subtitle graphics keyers, teletext VBI inserters and timecode reader cards that Poliscript is designed to work with.

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