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Wincaps Q4

Getting Started with Wincaps

The ‘Getting Started’ guide for Wincaps is part of the Help Topics file, under the Help menu. From within the ‘Getting Started’ section there are links to various other useful pages of the Help, you should be able to find the answers you require there.

Error 0A

This would suggest the licence file has not installed during the installation process. Your licence can be entered manually using the EActivator from the Start menu.

Please follow the instructions in the ‘Install Wincaps Licence’ document AVAILABLE HERE.

Error 1

Your licence has most likely expired, please use the EActivator in the Start menu to Activate the new licence received in your Avangate email.

Please follow the instructions in the ‘Install Wincaps Licence’ document AVAILABLE HERE.

Cannot open MP4

In versions of Wincaps prior to 4.24.9, you will need ensure that you have QuickTime installed on your PC. For Wincaps v4.24.9 and above you can select the MediaLooks Multiformat option to open an MP4 video file.

Failed to attach media

This is usually caused by a high resolution video encoding. Wincaps is designed to work with low resolution video to ensure frame accuracy.

Export options greyed out

The format you are looking to select is not supported in the Personality of your file, or the Language of your file.

Timecodes not staying in sync

The frame rate selected when you open the video and the BITC need to match, if the wrong frame rate has been selected the video and BITC will drift. If this happens delete the Helper Files from the video folder, and begin the process again using the “Wizard” option. See Help Topics: Media: Open a media file